Power backup systems frequently use a device called an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). When there is a power outage or disruption, it enables seamless switching between the primary power supply and a backup power source (like a generator or battery system). When power outages happen in South Africa for a variety of reasons, having an ATS for backup can guarantee an uninterrupted power supply.

While there are numerous suppliers, Lance Power tops the most favourite list. We compile a list of important factors to take into account when choosing an ATS for power backup in South Africa:

  1. Voltage and frequency: The voltage and frequency of the electrical grid in South Africa are 230V and 50Hz, respectively. Lance Power’s ATS for backup in South Africa ensures compliance with these electrical requirements.

    2. Current rating: When using ATS for backup in South Africa, it needs to be capable of transferring the maximum load between the primary power source and the backup power source. If you want to support all of your essential electrical equipment during power outages, take into account their combined power needs.

    3. Power Source Type: Another important consideration while using ATS for backup in South Africa is to make sure that it is compatible with the backup power source you intend to use (such as a generator or battery inverter system). Depending on the power source, Lance Power’s ATS models ensure it has particular features to meet the requirements.

    4. Transfer Speed: Verification of the ATS’s transfer speed is also important. While using ATS for backup in South Africa, ensure that a quick transfer speed is present for critical applications to guarantee minimal downtime when power switching. Lance Power ATS systems have prompt transfer capabilities.

    5. ATS Enclosure: Take into account the setting in which the ATS will be installed. Especially if it is installed outdoors, ensure that it has adequate protection against dust, water, and other environmental factors.

    6. Installation and Maintenance: While using ATS for backup in South Africa, make sure it is installed and maintained by licenced experts like Lance Power. We are familiar with the South African electrical codes and rules.

    7. Brand and quality: Choose a trustworthy company with a reputation for making high-caliber ATS products. Lance Power has secured such a position when it comes to using ATS for backup in South Africa. Making an informed choice can be aided by reading reviews.

    8. Warranty and Support: Examine the warranty and post-purchase assistance provided by the supplier or manufacturer to address any potential problems that may develop. Lance Power provides extensive warranty on ATS for backup in South Africa.

    To select the best ATS, it is crucial to take into account your unique power backup requirements and consult with an expert. Remember that electrical standards and laws are subject to change, so always be aware of the most recent regulations in South Africa.