The Ethiopian power crisis is not a new issue. Industries have been dependent on a secondary power source to run operations seamlessly. Especially in critical sectors such as health, communications etc., a secondary power source is imminent. This has led to an increase in ATS suppliers in Ethiopia to ensure that power transfer between the primary and secondary sources stays seamless.

Building on different advantages, Lance Power has secured its position as one of the best ATS suppliers worldwide with an efficient reach in Ethiopia as well. Apart from the normal functionality of an Automatic Transfer Switch, we offer a little more in the form of:

A trustworthy partner: Lance Power has built a reputation as one of the trusted ATS suppliers with its reliable equipment. In order to provide the best possible solution, our experts are aware of the requirements that must be met for the country’s energy needs.

ATS experts: As trustworthy ATS suppliers in Ethiopia, our experts possess the required knowledge and experience to meet your needs. The installation of an ATS might also require the assistance of a qualified professional.

Assisting in selecting the proper ATS: As one of the leading ATS suppliers, Lance Power helps you to find the best ATS system for your operations. We pay careful attention to detail because ATS systems are incredibly durable machines. For a smooth operation of your alternative power source, experts at Lance Power consider your power requirements, assist you in understanding ATS systems and offer maintenance and after-sales services.

Checking that the materials are appropriate: Installing an ATS system not only requires skilled labour, but materials and equipment must be taken into account. This gadget determines the state of your utility power, switches to backup power, and, in most cases, turns on the generator automatically.

As a trusted ATS supplier in Ethiopia, we keep an eye on both the primary source of power and the secondary source. The ATS will automatically switch to the backup source in the event of a primary source power failure, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

Manually switching power sources during a power outage can be dangerous, especially when dealing with high voltage. Our ATS systems reduce the possibility of accidents and guarantee employee safety by eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Moreover, as dependable ATS suppliers in Ethiopia, our systems have Intelligent Load Management features. They prioritise which equipment or circuits should receive power first during the transfer in order to prevent overloading the backup source and to ensure that critical systems are powered before less crucial ones.

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