Empowering Sustainability: Diesel Hybrid Generators in The UK

By Team Lance power
January 12, 2024
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Sustainability is the buzz word across industries. From food to power generations, every sector is striving to achieve sustainability with eco-friendly practices and solutions. The back-up power sector or the generator industry has also brought sustainable solutions in the form of hybrid, diesel-hybrid, natural gas generators and more.

Of all these solutions, the diesel hybrid generators are a popular choice in empowering consumers with sustainability. So, if you’re also wondering how to achieve sustainability in your back-up power generation efforts, then brace yourselves.

Environmental benefits are a major advantage of diesel hybrid generators in the UK. Because the fuel is not burned continuously, a hybrid generator usually uses far less fuel than a single-fuel generator. Diesel emissions are significantly decreased due to the diesel generator’s shorter running time.

When a generator runs on diesel fuel, money is lost and cannot be recovered. However, by using the energy to charge a battery, the diesel hybrid generator in the UK can extend the amount of time that it can produce power by using the battery instead of fuel like a conventional generator would. Less fuel use translates into lower costs for non-renewable fuel.

There is less wear and tear on the diesel engine because hybrid generators use it for shorter periods of time. As a result, the generator typically has a longer working lifetime than a traditional generator and requires less maintenance.

The moving components of a generator typically need the most upkeep. Air and fuel filters, alternator belts and other parts deteriorate over time and need to be changed on a regular basis. However, there are no moving parts on a battery to maintain. In theory, maintenance for a generator that runs on a battery for half of the time can be nearly half.

Depending on the load the generator is supplying, the fuel efficiency can change. Fuel efficiency usually decreases with low load. Only at higher loads can fuel efficiencies be increased.

While operating, diesel generators produce vibration and noise pollution. Acoustic enclosures and other methods are very effective in reducing noise. It’s challenging to completely eradicate noise, though. But once more, noise is eliminated when power is drawn from the battery as opposed to using a generator. Hence, running the diesel hybrid generator in the UK during the day and night is easy.

Moreover, diesel hybrid generators in the UK might be superior to conventional generators in circumstances where continuous power is required. There might be a lag before conventional generators begin to supply electricity during a power outage. When utilising a battery power source, this delay is significantly decreased because it can turn on nearly instantly without having to ignite.

Furthermore, diesel hybrid generators in the UK have the potential to be more compact than conventional diesel generators. Hybrid generators might be a better option for a project if space is a key consideration.

The next generation of electrical power generation technology is diesel hybrid generators. It shows the way towards a less dependent world on fossil fuels and a more environmentally friendly future. While there are different companies that offer diesel hybrid generators in the UK, Lance Power stands as the most preferable choice by industries, commercial establishments and homeowners.

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