Fuel Maintenance of Diesel Generator – Something You Shouldn’t Skip

By Team Lance power
January 30, 2024
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Diesel is a fuel that generators require. When considering cost-effectiveness and combustion efficiency, diesel is somewhat more expensive than gasoline. But given its high energy density, generator owners can rightfully consider it a popular option. This indicates that in comparison to other generator types, systems powered by diesel fuel capture more energy. Diesel is the apparent and more efficient option due to its fuel economy, which is why engines and portable generator sets prefer it. Diesel is heavier and more oily than gasoline. Its boiling point is also greater than that of water.

If you want the Best Standby Generator For Home in UK, Lance Power is here to talk about diesel generator maintenance in this blog post and its significance.

Importance of Fuel Management in Diesel Generators

Diesel management is necessary for all generators to some extent. Backups, however, require additional consideration. As a result of its less frequent use, fuel deterioration is more common. Also, there is less opportunity for mistakes when standby generators are required.

To make sure the integrity doesn’t change, it must be regularly maintained, checked, and sampled. Consider that the dependability of the Home Standby Generator is closely related to the fuel’s quality.

Process of Managing Fuels of Diesel Generators

Storing Properly: To maximize its shelf life, diesel should be kept in a cold, dark place. Diesel fuel is often used in garages, which is not a good idea. The fuel has to be kept cold, such as in storage tanks or a cellar.

No Excess Heat: Furthermore, you should avoid the heat and sun. Evaporation caused by heat will lower the shelf life of diesel fuel. The diesel fuel will also be harmed by the sun.

Checking diesel fuel: To ensure that the diesel fuel stays in top condition, you should check it frequently. You should get your diesel examined by a professional if you notice any changes in its colour or texture.

Replacement of Fuel Filter: To extend the storage life, the fuel filter must also be changed often. If the fuel filter becomes blocked, the diesel fuel could become contaminated.

This may shorten the storage tank’s life and cause damage to it. By changing the fuel filter often, you may help prevent contamination.

Use of Fuel Stabilizer: Diesel fuel’s shelf life can also be extended with the use of a fuel stabilizer. The diesel will be protected by the stabilizers against oxidation and breakdown, which can shorten the fuel’s shelf life.

Use of a Clean Tank: To ensure that the diesel fuel will be in top condition, it is imperative to keep the storage tank clean. Regular cleaning of the tank is necessary to remove any contaminants or accumulations that may have developed. Fuel may get tainted and lose shelf life if the tank is unclean.

Stop Contamination: Steer clear of contaminated diesel gasoline at all costs. Polluted diesel may shorten the fuel’s storage life and damage the engine. Only store the fuel in clean tanks and containers to prevent contamination. Additionally, you should refrain from using water or other chemicals to clean the tank or containers.

We have covered almost all areas of fuel maintenance for a diesel generator. If you come up with some more queries, you can always reach out to us. We are Lance Power, one of the Leading Generator Manufacturers in UK and we are happy to assist you.