Generators serve as a crucial safeguard against power outages. These are useful appliances, which restrict the hindrance of ruining daily activities or business operations stemming from the sudden cut in power supply. However, once the generator has been selected, it is important to find the best generator installation service too.

Generator Installation Services aim to supply a complete on site service for the mechanical and electrical installation of standby generator & UPS systems.

While there are numerous generator installation services in UK, which offer consultation, planning etc. Lance Power remains the most preferred owing to its promise to take care of all your generator needs. And to take a step further in ensuring that those needs are met, lets dive deeper to understand why we are the best generator installation service in UK.

Step-By-Step On How To Install a Generator

1. A trusted partner: As with any home or business improvement project, selecting a reliable and trustworthy generator installation service in UK to install your equipment is critical.

2. Customer Site Survey – Generator engineers will visit your site to establish your exact requirements – your total building load, type of load and how long you need the system to run the in the event of a power outage. It may be that you only need a few minutes to provide an orderly shutdown of your IT systems – then a UPS only installation would be probably be the best choice, Any longer than a few minutes and a diesel generator installation service would be best.

3.System Design – your generator installation requires careful design to ensure the systems work together. We can then assist with drawings and schematics which may be required by the local planning authority.

4. Experts behind generator installation: Connecting a generator to your home’s electrical system requires skill and experience. A certified professional may also be required for installation, depending on the type of fuel your generator will use. Furthermore, your generator must be placed on a stable and level surface. That usually means putting in a concrete or compressed gravel pad. This platform will be built by our experienced crew, who may dig a trench for wiring before carefully transporting and positioning it.

5. Selecting the correct generator: Generators are extremely powerful machines. Because of this, you can rely on them to power your home or business! It also means that if you have the incorrect sized generator or if it is not properly installed, you risk shorting out your electrical system and potentially causing costly permanent damage to wiring and even appliances. Our professional electricians conduct an audit to determine which type of generator is best for your home.

6. Inspecting if the materials are right: Skilled labour is required for standby generator installation, but materials and machinery must also be considered. A transfer switch is required in addition to the generator. This device detects the status of your utility power, switches from utility to backup power, and, in most cases, automatically starts the generator. Wires, conduits, piping, concrete or stone, and other materials are also needed to safely install the generator. We inspect that all these materials are in place.

Lance Power’s generator installation service in UK delivers the best possible experience to customers. We start with understanding your requirements to choosing the right generator for you. From mechanical to electrical design, we handle all your needs. Our generator installation specialist is with you every step of the way.

Control System Requirements for Generator installation services

A standard generator installation requires either manual or automatic start control module. For an automatic system an ATS (automatic transfer switch) is normally required. The ATS monitors the mains power and if it fails (or a single phase fails) it sends a start signal to the generator and transfers the load to the generator. When the mains power is restored the process happens again in reverse.

Generator Installation services at a Competitive Price

Installation of your generator will be carried out professionally if you choose Generator Warehouse as your supplier. Lance power is the expert Generator Installation company covering the whole of the United Kingdom – our experience and expertise ensures that your new generator installation is performed perfectly, on time and on budget.

Once all your power supply needs and after sales services have been taken care of, we ensure that you have peace of mind.