Generators come in different shapes and sizes. Industrial or home, these utility gadgets ensure uninterrupted power supply in any scenario to provide the ability for unhindered and seamless operations.  And like any other appliance, generators also need repairs and servicing.

While there are various operators offering generator repair and service in UK, Lance Power remains a pioneer banking on reliability and quality.

Our customised packages for generator repair and service in UK are designed to ensure that your generator will be available when you need it. You can fully customise our plans to ensure you’re paying for a service that meets your requirements.

The cost of generator repair and service in UK remains minimal with Lance Power, when compared to the cost of having a power outage and your generator failing to kick in, rendering your site inoperable. Generators are not inexpensive pieces of equipment to install, so keeping your generator in good working order will ensure you get the most out of your investment.


Keeping your generator in good working condition is key to preventing unexpected downtime. Regular generator servicing and maintenance can help to extend the life of your generator and prevent expensive repairs in the future.

The Lance Power team has the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure that problems are caught before they cause costly outages. In some cases, repairs may be covered by your maintenance contracts, so be sure to check your documentation. Taking care of your generator will help to ensure that it will be there when you need it, and your business or project doesn’t suffer costly downtime.

Whatever you require we have a cost effective and pain free solution for you with our Generator maintenance, repairs and servicing.

As part of a maintenance contract, WBPS can provide a 24/7/365 rapid emergency response service, staffed by experienced team members, who can provide immediate assistance over the phone, or, if necessary on-site (normally within 4 hours).

Regularly servicing your generator ensures:

Smooth functioning: A well-oiled machine will last longer and run more reliably than one that is not properly maintained. Preventative maintenance can help your residential, commercial or industrial generator last as long as possible and work as efficiently as possible.

Identify problems immediately: When you work with a generator service to create a maintenance plan, your mechanic will inspect your generator on a regular basis to assess its performance. This means that any signs of wear and tear or malfunction will be addressed before they have a negative impact on your generator. Regular generator service allows you to have flaws fixed before they become problems.

Enhance efficiency: The more you take care of your generator, the better it will take care of you. Maintaining a generator repair and service schedule in UK is critical! Lance Power provides a variety of plans to ensure that you never miss a routine service or have to wait too long for your generator mechanic to inspect your unit.

Increase generator lifespan: Servicing your generator will save you a significant amount of money. Neglecting it can result in costly repairs. And if you do not repair your generator, it will cease to function. As a result, in the absence of proper maintenance, its lifespan will be compromised.

You should not put off having a broken or malfunctioning generator repaired. If you notice a problem with your generator, contact our generator repair and service in UK as soon as possible. If you don’t, you might forget about the problem and end up with a power outage and a broken generator.

Our Generator repair service includes:

  • Generator repairs and rewinds
  • Generator inspection, testing and fault diagnostics, in situ or in our workshop
  • Equipment disconnection and removal
  • Electrical testing
  • Oil analysis
  • Generator installation and commissioning

Our Onsite Generator Maintenance Services include:

  • In site inspection, testing and fault diagnostics including air gap checks and Tan Delta/Partial Discharge testing
  • Equipment removal
  • Generator installation and commissioning
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance, including infrared thermal imaging, vibration analysis, oil analysis, borescope inspections, laser shaft alignment, field balancing and a range of electrical testing, including Partial Discharge testing and analysis
  • Field machining

How Else Can Lance Power Assist You?

In addition to the quality generator servicing that we offer, we provide a wide range of other services that can greatly extend the lifespan of your generator. One such is our generator repairs service. Generator servicing repair is a generally common issue given the array of issues that can occur such as battery failures, a fuel filter that is blocked, and sensor malfunctions among many others.

In addition, we also serve as an emergency power supply source. This is especially important as you would hope for a reactive response. A reactive response is something that we pride ourselves in as we offer a 24/7 response to all clients in the Critical Power, Standby Power & Prime Power Sectors.

We perform regular maintenance on your generator to ensure its continued dependability throughout its life.

All service contracts are tailored to your specific needs. They can range from a weekly supervised offload run to a yearly full service including a 110% load bank.