Reap the advantages for installing an industrial generator with Lance Power. When the electricity goes out due to a thunderstorm, accident, or natural disaster, it can be frightening and expensive. Mother Nature slams your industrial unit with rain and hail, leaving your production in the dark.

While waiting for the electricity to come back on, your business can take a massive hit. Industrial generator installation in UK by Lance Power gives your unit much needed comfort and power to keep operations running.

Power outages at industrial sites can stem from numerous reasons like

  • Weather
  • Flooding
  • Lightning storms
  • Strong winds
  • Earthquakes
  • Excavation digging
  • Overdemand from heat waves
  • Technological malfunctions
  • Human error

Lance Power industrial generators power up production processes to ensure seamless business operations. These utility tools have become an imperative across any industrial unit. Nonetheless, industrial generator installation in UK parallels the importance of selecting an industrial generator.

Industrial generator installation in the UK can be a tricky affair but Lance Power has emerged as a trusted partner to make this task easy. A proper industrial generator installation in UK ensures:

Maximised uptime: A perfectly installed generator in place ensures maximised uptime for your operations and helps avoid unplanned downtime. The enemy of productivity is downtime, which can cost businesses substantially.

Avoiding data loss:  A major concern for businesses in the event of a blackout is data loss. Mechanical hard drives and the stored data can also experience problems owing to an improper shutoff. Businesses are dependent on data for a variety of functions. Hence, data loss from power cuts could cause a ripple of serious issues. If industrial generators aren’t properly installed, then the power supply will take a hit.

Demonstrate reliability: One of the important advantages of a proper industrial generator in UK is that they can make businesses stand out when other companies are struggling. A power outage can be turned into a chance for businesses to grow if you have backup power systems in place that let you carry on with operations instead of having to shut down.

Choosing the right location for an industrial generator installation in UK is the first step. It needs to be in a place that won’t flood and is stable. There must be space all around it so that technicians can service it as needed. You should also review the rules of any industrial and environmental association in your neighbourhood.

It is recommended to have a minimum of 1 metre on each side of the generator set to assist airflow and maintenance access. A minimum of 3 feet must also be present in front of the unit. For ease of installation and cost savings. Once a location is chosen, pea gravel or a concrete slab are installed there.

Lance Power’s industrial generator installation in UK comes with a host of benefits. A full installation service will be provided by our team of highly skilled and qualified mechanical and electrical engineers, ensuring that the generator and any necessary ancillary equipment are installed correctly and effectively. They will collaborate closely with the client to guarantee that the installation complies with all necessary requirements, is finished on schedule, and is within budget.