Switchgear systems are equipped to handle large amounts of electric current to control, protect and isolate other power systems in the event of an electric surge. Industries, residences and other organisations rely upon electrical switchgear solutions owing to the imperfection in electric circuits for handling sudden power surges.

Every electrical circuit is designed to handle a limited flow of electric current. When these circuits experience a sudden surge in power flow, it causes the wiring to overheat leading to damage of vital components or even fires. Switchgear solutions defend circuits from the threat of power overload by automatically interrupting the flow. Hence, the importance of these systems are mostly felt by industries in Nigeria as each industrial unit has to handle a lot of electric power.

With the prevalent volatility in Nigeria’s current electric supply landscape and industrial units terming blackouts as a major obstacle in operations, industrial switchgear solutions in Nigeria assume paramount importance to sustain the power fluctuations between phases of black outs.

There are numerous companies offering industrial switchgear solutions in Nigeria. Lance Power’s commitment to excellence and innovation makes it market leaders. Our range of industrial switchgear solutions in Nigeria comprises:

Automatic start diesel generator control panels: The control panels allow industries to automatically control diesel generator operations, check system diagnostics and current status of the power system.

Automatic transfer switch panels: Our second offering in the industrial switchgear solutions category in Nigeria is automatic transfer switch panels. It ensures seamless power transition from one source to the other automatically.

Bypass switch panels: These panels ensure smooth transfer of connected critical load between the UPS output to utility mains without causing disruptions. It fully isolates the UPS system to allow safe and intrusive servicing works.

Synchronised multi-set system panels: Our last offering to offer complete industrial switchgear solutions in Nigeria is synchronised multi-set system panels. These solutions are mainly designed and equipped to meet power system requirements. They function both manually and with an automatic synchronizing function for two or more generators or breakers. They are widely used in synchronising generators and offering multifaceted solutions.

Lance Power makes sure that its industrial switchgear solutions in Nigeria are reliable and safe. Electrical risks, equipment damage and power outages can all be caused by faulty switchgear. Our switchgears undergo regular testing and maintenance to remain functional.

Furthermore, Nigeria is progressively incorporating renewable energy sources into its electrical grid. To handle the special characteristics of renewable energy generation and ensure seamless grid integration, Lance Power’s industrial switchgear solutions in Nigeria have adapted to these changes.

The reliability and effective distribution of electricity in industries depend on the operation of industrial switchgear solutions in Nigeria. By offering diverse consumers and industries across the country a steady and secure power supply, Lance Power also aids in operations stability.

Lance Power stays steadfast in its commitment to aid in the distribution of electric power safety through its industrial switchgear solutions in Nigeria. Browse our catalogue or call an expert for more info.