Power system installation in UK is an imperative task to ensure the flow of electricity in manufacturing or production units. Sudden power outages at these sites can abruptly stop production lines, leading to massive losses in material, productive time and breakdown of machinery. It may also lead to shutting down of supply chains.

Lance Power has secured its position as a reliable partner for power system installation in UK banking on experience and quality.  There are several steps for power system installation in UK that need to be followed. Here what you need to do for installing power systems.

1. Determining your power system requirements: Lance Power starts with assessing your energy needs, including the type and amount of power you require. We consider factors like peak demand, power quality, backup requirements, and renewable energy options.

2. Engaging a qualified professional: Our team of qualified electricians and electrical engineers are well-experienced in power system installation in UK. They help you with system design, compliance with regulations, and obtaining necessary permits.

3. Designing the power system: Lance Power provides you the option to work with the best professionals in the industry to design a power system that meets your requirements. This enables you to determine the appropriate voltage levels, selecting equipment (e.g., transformers, switchgear, meters), and designing the electrical distribution network.

4. Obtain necessary permissions and permits: Contact the local distribution network operator (DNO) or the relevant authorities to obtain the necessary permissions and permits for the power system installation. This may include an application for a new connection or modifications to an existing connection.

5. Complete the electrical installation: Once you have the necessary permissions, our electrician will proceed with the physical installation of the power system. This involves connecting the necessary equipment, such as transformers, distribution panels, and wiring.

6. Perform testing and commissioning: After the installation, we thoroughly test to system to ensure it meets safety standards and operates correctly. This includes tests for insulation resistance, continuity, earth loop impedance, and protection coordination.

7. Notify the DNO: Once the installation is complete and tested, you must notify the local DNO or relevant authorities about the new or modified power system. They will conduct their own inspections and tests before finalising the connection.

8. Connect to the grid: Once all necessary inspections and approvals are obtained, the power system needs to be connected with the national grid. The DNO will provide the final connection and activate the power supply.

9. Ongoing maintenance and compliance: Regular maintenance and compliance with safety regulations are essential for the safe and efficient operation of your power system. Lance Power schedules periodic inspections and perform necessary maintenance tasks to keep your system running.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements and procedures for power system installation in UK may vary depending on the location, size, and complexity of the system.