An Automatic Transfer Switch or ATS system is an electronic device that seamlessly transfers power supplies from the primary to a back-up source once it senses a power failure or outage. The need for reliable ATS systems in South Africa is growing owing to the country’s current power struggles.

Lance Power’s hardware has secured its position among businesses and other entities as reliable ATS systems in South Africa. Our ATS systems ensure:

1. Uninterrupted Power Supply:

Lance Power’s reliable ATS systems in South Africa monitor the availability of power from the primary source (usually the utility grid) and the secondary source (usually a backup generator). In the event of a power outage from the primary source, the ATS will automatically switch to the backup source, ensuring that power is maintained without any interruption.

2. Safeguards Critical Systems and Equipment:

Lance Power’s ATS becomes essential in places where uninterrupted power is required such as hospitals, data centres, telecommunications facilities and emergency services to safeguard critical systems and equipment. Downtime can result in significant financial losses, compromise patient care or disrupt vital services.

3. Ensures Automated Operation:

Lance Power’s reliable ATS systems in South Africa runs automatically and doesn’t require any manual input. In situations, where time is of the essence or there might not be personnel available to perform manual switching, this ensures a swift and seamless transfer of power in case of supply disruption.

4. Safety and Convenience:

Changing power sources manually during a power outage can be risky, particularly in high-voltage situations. By removing the need for manual intervention, our ATS systems lowers the possibility of accidents and ensures employee safety.

5. Proper Load Management:

Lance Power’s reliable ATS systems in South Africa come with Intelligent Load Management features. In order to avoid overloading the backup source and to guarantee that critical systems are powered before less crucial ones, they prioritise which equipment or circuits should receive power first during the transfer.

6. Equipment Protection:

Voltage fluctuations and electrical surges brought on by sudden power restorations and outages can harm delicate equipment. A controlled and seamless transition is ensured by our reliable ATS systems in South Africa, reducing the possibility of equipment damage.

7. Energy Efficiency:

Lance Power’s reliable ATS systems in South Africa can be combined with energy storage or renewable energy sources. Depending on supply and demand, they can automatically switch between utility power, standby generators and renewable sources to maximise energy efficiency and cut costs.

8. Remote Monitoring and Control:

Our ATS systems also provide the ability for remote monitoring and control, enabling facility managers to manage the power supply from a central location. As a result, proactive maintenance and problem-solving are made possible, increasing system reliability.

Our automatic transfer switch is an essential part of making sure that there is a consistent and uninterrupted supply of power, protecting important equipment and maintaining operations during power outages. Modern power systems cannot function without it because of its automated operation, load management capabilities and ability to integrate with a variety of power sources, especially in environments where downtime is not an option.