Storing Diesel Fuel For Generators – Above Ground Or Underground Tanks?

By Team Lance power
January 24, 2024
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Diesel fuel for generator feed can be stored in three approved ways according to the AS1940 Standard for fuel storage. The tank can be installed above ground in a fire-rated bund, buried underground, or inside a fire-rated room.

Similarly, every nation or local region has its own set of standards when it comes to storing diesel fuel for generators. Nonetheless, there are no legal restrictions on how much diesel you may store, unlike other fuels. But, there will be a legal requirement for you to store it a certain way.

In the UK, you must legally abide by building regulations if you store diesel at home. Should your container have a capacity of 3,501 litres or more, you have to abide by the legal specifications for commercial use.

It is required that you abide by the Control of Pollution Regulations (COPSR) if you store diesel at your business. The main points of the lengthy regulations are that tanks or containers holding diesel must be inside a containment system, and that the fuel must be stored in a container strong enough to not leak when full.

`In the world of backup power solutions, diesel generators stand out as reliable sources of energy. To ensure the seamless operation of these powerhouses, the question of diesel fuel storage becomes paramount. As a leading generator manufacturer in the UK, Lance Power offers valuable insights into the choice between above ground and underground tanks for storing diesel fuel.

Above Diesel Generator Ground Tanks: Practicality and Visibility

Above ground diesel fuel tanks have long been favoured for their practicality and ease of maintenance. Lance Power, a leading  in the UK’s generator industry, recognises the importance of visibility and accessibility. Above ground tanks offer a clear advantage when it comes to monitoring fuel levels, facilitating regular inspections, and simplifying refuelling processes.

For businesses and organisations relying on diesel generators, the convenience of above ground tanks aligns with the need for quick and efficient fuel management. Lance Power understands the significance of few factors in maintaining uninterrupted power supply, making above ground tanks a viable choice for many of their clients.

Underground Diesel Generator Tanks: Space Efficiency and Aesthetics

In certain scenarios, where space is a premium or aesthetics play a crucial role, underground diesel fuel tanks emerge as a compelling option. Lance Power acknowledges the demand for discreet solutions that seamlessly integrate with the surroundings. Underground tanks not only save valuable space but also contribute to a cleaner and organised environment.

For clients seeking a balance between functionality and aesthetics, Lance Power’s expertise in diesel generators in the UK extends to recommending underground tanks as a space-efficient and visually unobtrusive choice. This is particularly relevant for installations where minimising the footprint is essential.

Lance Power’s Guidance: Tailoring Solutions for Every Need

Lance Power’s commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond providing top-notch diesel generators; it extends to assisting clients in making informed decisions about ancillary components, including fuel storage. Their experienced team guides clients through the decision-making process, taking into account factors such as site requirements, local regulations, and individual preferences.

As the go-to leading generator manufacturer in the UK, Lance Power emphasises the importance of tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether opting for above ground or underground tanks, the goal is to ensure that the diesel fuel storage system seamlessly complements the reliability of their generators.

The choice between above ground and underground tanks for diesel fuel storage is a nuanced decision that Lance Power addresses with expertise. By understanding the specific needs of clients and leveraging their position as a leading generator manufacturer in the UK, Lance Power ensures that every aspect of backup power solutions is optimised for efficiency and reliability.